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Volhynia national suit:

  The Volhynia folk suit carries in itself history which closely interlaced with nearby people. This was territory of Thing Pospolitoy, which united modern Poland, Lithuania, Byelorussia and Ukraine. On all these walks of life there are much general. Here a culture was oriented not so on an army, as on a city. Corsets are here laced, on hooks, embroidered. Such things carried well-to-do noblemans, and peasants took an example from them. Unfortunately, we presently have not a single historical standard of noble clothes, its image it remained only in a portraiture. But his details are traced after the line-ups of Volhynias.

  Yet from XV-XVI century a black prevails. The documents of those times testify that in noble families embroidered shirts black silk. And it remained in people. At the end of XIX century, when Volhynias began to realize the national belonging, then began to add blue and yellow filaments. And yet later are different aniline paints.

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