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ukrainian shirts, dress shirt, ethnic embroidery, custom made shirts, stage shirts, embroidery shirt, clothes shirt, sewing shirt, embroidered shirt.

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Ukrainian shirts - ukrainian shirts, embroidery shirt, sewing ukrainian shirt

ukrainian shirt, custom made shirts:

   Embroidery shirt - it is a face of the Ukrainian people. In all Ukrainian chemises of sleeve wide and long. Ordinary length of shirts which carried with women's costume or pinafore must arrive at for "ankle"; Shirts to the skirt sew a bit more short. The lower embroidered edge of shirt must peek out from under women's costume or pinafore, that have name "podolyk".

select the basic types of shirts:

  • analogous embroidery shirt;
  • embroidery shirt with shoulder insertions;
  • a shirt with continuous sleeve;
  • embroidery shirt on a coquette.


ukrainian costumes

ukraine clothes

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