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Woodlands - hand embroidery designs, sewing designs, ethnic embroidery

Woodlands national costumes:

  To it “classic” the Ukrainian national suit went a kind long time, some his elements remained almost immutable yet from times of old slavs. Yes, in an inheritance from old slavs the most widespread womanish clothes were reached - long shirt, girdled by a belt. It is decorated by the embroidered magic decorative patterns. Embroidery, by the way - basic decoration national suit. Woodlands national costumes and in general folk clothes was formed under act of Poland, Romanians, south slavs, Hungarians, Caucasian people, in particular circassians.

  Men's suit, mens shirt national clothes consist of shirt, trousers or pantaloons, sleeveless jacket (masculine corset), belt, knee-boots.

ukrainian costumes

ukraine clothes

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