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Lowland national costumes:

  Podil'ski motif carry in itself history and culture of Podillya. On Kholmschinii, on western Volhynia and on north-western Podilli long retinues are edged by the coloured ribbons or lacings, the striped skirts and some abolitions of covering of chairman are explained by neighbourhood with Poland. Dressed Galychina Podillya stands nearer to the dress of Naddnipryanschini, but also influence of neighbours is here felt. On Bukovyna, Basarabii and coast of Dnestr on Podilli of retinue, sheepskin jackets and sleeveless jackets are decorated by the colourful Ukrainian decorative pattern, vishittya on sleeves and breasts of chemises have on itself an influence of Romanians.

ukrainian costumes

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