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  By an important element national to the suit there were head-dresses and hair-do. A masculine hair-do was limited to the hair-cutting: “in a group”, “to zakabluka”, “under skopku” but “under polka”. In quality main ubora carried a hat, straw hat (what did not have prestige as dressed poor), cap or kuchmu (cap from a broadtail).

Girls went around with an uncovered chairman, that was the sign of girlish honour. Losing honour, girl of bedspread the head – from here and the name “pokritka”. Girlish pride was a scythe. Also a chaplet is included in girlish national suit, often with ribbons.

The married woman clipped hairs not always, but always bedspread chairman by a shawl, setting or ochipkom. The head-dress of woman was considered the most important part of its dress, that is why methods, in what shawls or settings strung, very various and difficult.

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