ukrainian national suit
ukrainian clothes 

ukrainian national suit, ukrainian towels, embroidery shirts, scenic clothing, folk embroidery

scenic suit is for dancings and choral collectives

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embroidery shirts, Ukrainian towels
Exclusive design and professional making:
  • Computer machine embroidery.Wholesale;
  • Embroidered shirt;
  • Scenic suit for dancings and choral collectives, soloists, comperes;
  • Ukrainian folk suits of all regions;
  • National suits of the world people;
  • The Ukrainian line-ups are for youths;
  • Carnival and carnival suits;
  • Decorative panel, Ukrainian towels, tablecloths.

Methods of decorating:
  • Platform artistic embroidery;
  • Applique by a skin;
  • Artistic weaving;
  • Finishing braids, strasses, bead, percussion caps.

ukrainian clothes

Decorative panel

сценічний одяг

tel: +38 (097) 49-81-669

Ukrainian national clothes, Ukrainian folk suit, Ukrainian shirt, embroidery, Ukrainian embroidery, national suit, vaudeville suit, Ukrainian towels, tablecloths, Ukrainian national suit
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