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National costumes of Huzul, ukrainian national suit, ukrainian dresses, designs of clothes.

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Huzul - hand embroidery designs, sewing designs, ethnic embroidery

Huzul national clothes, huzul suit:

  Traditional domestic suit of Ukrainians Transcarpathian Gucul'skiy huzul costumes or lemkivskiy costume, absorbing for itself experience of many generations of east slavyan, is in permanent connection with the culture of other people which inhabited Transcarpathian.

Huzul suit consists of a few elements, as for example:

  • Sleeveless jacket - fur sleeveless jacket of population of Carpathians and Prykarpattya. Had considerable local variativnist' in relation to length and receptions of registration;
  • Necklace - a hutsul necklace is from venetian varicoloured glass with disseminations of other color or gold;
  • Gunya - gucul'skiy direct outerwear from long wool of home-made smooth woolen cloth from "false" by sleeves, that attacked on a shoulder;
  • Serdak (petik) - age-old short gucul'skiy outerwear from the brown (now and then red) homespun felt smooth woolen cloth, pryamospinnogo to cutting out, decorated by cords from the coloured woolen filaments.

ukrainian costumes

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