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embroidery designs, folk clothes, embroidery stitch

The show design of ukrainian national suit by Ruta Design studio on the dance festival in New Jersey.

ukrainian national suit, ukrainian embroidery, embroidery designs, ukrainian costumes PC “RUTA Design - Studio”.

  Here presented the gallery of ukrainian national suits, ukrainian embroidery, stage and vaudeville suits for artistic and dancings collectives. Also on the proper sections it is possible to revise a decorative picture, artistic weaving, national head-dresses. For the revision of national suits and prepared works choose the proper section. If you are interested in booked sewing clothes - contact us.
ukrainian national clothes, ukrainian costumes, ukraine clothes, embroidery, embroidery patterns

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  • Gypsy wear.

ukrainian costumes

sewing embroidery, sewing clothes

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ukrainian national suit, sewing embroidery, embroidery shirt, ukraine embroidery, ukrainian national clothes, folk embroidery, hat embroidery, ukraine costumes, embroidery designer, hand sewing
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