bead embroidery
beaded embroidery 

decorative panel, bead embroidery, ukrainian table-clothes, embroidery towels

beaded embroidery, bead embroidery, beaded towels

Ukrainian ornament, decorative pattern, artistic weaving, applique by a skin.

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Ukrainian folk trades, decorative pattern

Decorative panel, ukrainian table-clothes, embroidery towels:

  A decor is passed by feeling to history and cultures of Ukraine. Decorating allows to represent and change style of apartment in by Ukrainian style.

We apply the followings methods of decorating:

  • Platform artistic embroidery;
  • Applique by a skin;
  • Artistic weaving;
  • Finishing braids, strasses, bead, percussion caps.


ukrainian costumes

decorative panel, tableclothes

сценічний одяг

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