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About us.. PC “RUTA Studio - Design”.

  "Folk embroidery is for me - it is an art, my capture, my work, my business, my business, because with large honour and respect behave to tradition, consuetudes, culture of the people."

(Oksana Paruta)


   Personal company "RUTA Design studio" puts before itself purpose – on the basis of study and research of authentic folk line-up, to create exclusive dance embroidery and folk suite. Following the source of everlasting artistic acquisition – forms, character, silhouette, rhythmics of decorative patterns, colour; we are moving spirit of past years in today!

designer ukraine  By a founder PC "RUTH Studiya is Design" there is Oksana Paruta – director, costumes designer, master's degree of Lviv National Academy of Arts, prizewinner of the third international competition of clothes to Lodz city (Poland), participant of international competition of design of clothes pred-a-porte in Lviv ckty (Ukraine), finalist of competition «Pecherski chestnuts» in Kyiv ckty (Ukraine), laureate and participant and many domestics festivals of fashion.

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  Deputy Director and helper for Oksana Paruty, there is its daughter Olesya Paruta – graduating student of Lviv National Academy of Arts, clothes designer, debutante "Galychina seasons of fashion" in Lviv city, participant of selection round "New names. Seasons of fashion" in Kyiv city, prizewinner "Seasons of fashion" in Ivano-Frankivsk city.

  In the employees of PC "RUTA" - large collective of professional designers stage to the suit, modelmaker, seamstress, embroideresses, weavers.

  We work on the scheme:

We are to got your order, where you express all wishes and requirements, the designer of our enterprise creates a sketch (project of your order). After assertion to the sketch and standards of fabrics by a customer, we pass to implementation - embodiment of idea is in material.

  We work with every customer individually on considering practicality and functionality to the suit, taking into consideration the choreography, the plastic arts of motions of dance and character of raising into staging.

  We underline the with a plot line of dance or song the suits. Due to it integrity of appearance which is enchantingly perceived by a spectator.

  Our customers are professional dancings, choral collectives and choirs in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Czechia, Canada, USA;

  Suits of PC "RUTA Studio Design" to distinguish on a background other specialized enterprises foremost by a bright artistic vividness, exclusive design, rich spring basis.

  Leading masters stage to the suit will perform your order high-quality and in time.

  Our firm works for your success and for success of your collective!


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пошиття естрадного костюму

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tel: +38 (032) 242-45-23, +38 (097) 49-81-669

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